Stop! Don't Discard that Leftover Material!

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We all know that great feeling when finishing a project. However, what do you do with all those smaller, irregular shaped left-over pieces? Do you throw them away? Stop! Don't discard your leftover material; create the perfect essential item to promote your business. You may even have enough left-over material to craft up a fun gift for friends and family.

In this post, we will show you two projects that can be created with your leftover flexible birch plywood. Now, grab your leftover birch plywood pieces and let's get creative making business cards and earrings, a sustainable choice for Earth month!




Want an efficient way to promote your business without spending extra money? Using excess flexible birch plywood to create personalized business cards is economical and ecological!


  • Take your current business information and logo for your business card.
  • Determine the best shapes and sizes for your business card based on the leftover material.
  • Adjust your text to fit into the fun shapes of your flexible birch plywood.




  • Run a test pattern to ensure accurate cut of desired shape.




  • Cut design and shape on your leftover material.




  • Depending on your preference, leave your new business card natural or stain for a different aesthetic.




Earrings are a perfect and petite craft to make, from left over flexible birch plywood, for family and friends.


  • Research what designs and patterns are this seasons hottest trends.
  • Design your perfect earring shape and style for your gift.




  • Adjust your design to fit into the fun shapes of your flexible birch plywood.
  • Run a test pattern to ensure accurate cut and desired shape.
  • Cut design on your leftover material.



  • Add decorative details like paint or ornate napkins.




  • Finish your design with clear home decor wax and earring hooks. 




Making the most of your leftover materials is key!

We hope you enjoy creating these two projects with MakerStock. If you create any of our projects or use our material to make your own design, make sure to share it with us on social media or at Happy Earth Month! 


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