Sleek Shamrock Wreath

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Looking for the perfect St. Patrick’s Day piece for your front door or a way to celebrate your Irish heritage… then you’re in LUCK! Follow these easy steps to create this Sleek Shamrock Wreath and Mini Good Luck Charm Door Hanger for St. Patrick's Day and everyday!




To make your own Sleek Shamrock Wreath, you will need:
-MakerStock’s 1/8" Mirror Gold Acrylic
-MakerStock’s 1/8" MDF
-MakerStock’s Weldon and Applicator
-Jute rope, tinsel, and E6000 Craft Adhesive from your local craft store
Opaque Green, Opaque White, Mirror Gold Acrylic
Weldon and Applicator



Sleek Shamrock Wreath

1) Shape your unique four leaf clover with your personal laser software. Recommended sizes for four leaf clovers are 4.697x5.126, 2.449x2.673, 1.372x1.498, and 0.636x0.694.

Click Here for our free downloadable file.




2) Create the perfect size wreath for your door with your personal laser software. Recommended size for outer circle 9.803x10.39. Recommended size for inner circle 5.444x5.409.

Click Here for our free downloadable file.




3) Test each of your designs with MDF Board to ensure a good cut and alignment. Chipboard is another great option if you have this material available.




4) Once satisfied with your design, cut your circular wreath with mirrored gold acrylic on your laser cutter.




5) Laser cut your shamrocks in several sizes and colors. We are using MakerStock's Mirrored Gold Acrylic in 1/8",  MakerStock's Nearly Opaque White Acrylic in 1/8”, and MakerStock's Nearly Opaque Green Acrylic in 1/8”.

Gold Mirror Acrylic Shamrocks
“Opaque White Shamrocks
Opaque Green Shamrocks



6) Layer your set of shamrocks from largest to smallest. Repeat this step.

Small to Large Acrylic Shamrocks
“Assembled Shamrocks



7) Use weld-on 3 for quickly bonding your project together. This product works great with acrylic material, creating high strength clear bonds.




8) Once your shamrocks are bonded together, place your pieces on the mirrored gold acrylic wreath shape. Spread out your pieces to insure correct spacing for project.




9) I recommend bonding the smaller shamrocks to your wreath first, making sure there is enough room for the bigger shamrocks to be added after. Bond the larger shamrocks to the wreath.




10) Once fully bonded, use your jute rope and tinsel to give your Sleek Shamrock Wreath a stylish hanger for displaying. Apply E6000 Craft Adhesive for best hold.




Mini Good Luck Charm Door Hanger

1) Don’t forget about your scrap material! Use these pieces to make a Mini Good Luck Charm Door Hanger!




2) With your leftover inner circle, a leftover large shamrock, a leftover small shamrock, and your leftover Nearly Opaque White Acrylic to cut the word ‘luck’, use weld-on 3 to bond these pieces. Use E6000 to attach tinsel hanger. 




3) Display your Sleek Shamrock Wreath and Mini Good Luck Charm Door Hanger to bring you luck all St. Patrick’s Day as well as all year long!



We hope that you enjoy this easy DIY maker project as much as we do! If you create any of our projects, make sure to share it with us on social media or at Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Products: Mirror Gold Acrylic , Nearly Opaque Green Acrylic , Nearly Opaque White Acrylic , MDF Board and, Weldon Acrylic Adhesive.

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