Your One Stop Shop for Maker Materials

We are a single source supplier that offers cut to size, quality materials, specializing in laser cutter and CNC woods, papers, and plastics, in a variety of styles and sizes with no minimums to leaders of fabrication labs, makerspaces and to DIYers and individual makers. We provide fast delivery right to your home or lab. We cut to order, so we aim to ship by the next or second business day, then our delivery is typically one to two business days.

Our CNC and Modeling Foam is perfect for milling or handcrafting models, landscapes, signs, and other intricate layered creations. It is almost impossible to find in small sizes - usually you have to buy a large 4-foot sheet. Ours is much higher grade than the pink insulation you find at a hardware store. This is a stunning material on its own or when hand sanded and painted. When milled, it casts off chips not dust. We carry six different densities in two different thicknesses. Once you start working with it you'll find the possibilities are endless.