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We are a single source supplier that offers cut to size, quality materials, specializing in laser cutter and CNC woods, papers, and plastics, in a variety of styles and sizes with no minimums to leaders of fabrication labs, makerspaces and to DIYers and individual makers. We provide fast delivery right to your home or lab. We cut to order, so our goal is to ship within 2-3 business days of receiving the order, and shipping time is usually 1-3 business days. Custom cuts take 4-5 business days to ship.

Our thin plywood is KoskiPly from the premier manufacturer of sustainable plywoods, Koskisen in Finland. Our 1/32" (0/8mm) is as great for business cards and other "cardstock" applications. Koskisen plywood is made from strong and high-quality birch logs which are procured from certified and sustainable managed forests in Finland. Our thin plywoods are AB/B grade -- joint-free, uniform, consistent and stable materials. The surface is basically flawless. They are light and easy to machine and are suitable for laser cutting or waterjet cutting.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"As part of my small business, Bungalow 1904, I design acrylic ornaments and table top pieces that are a fun twist on the classic Chinoiserie style. MakerStock has been an invaluable resource and partner as I experiment and expand the range of designs I offer to my customers.” (Sasha, owner of Bungalow 1904)

"Makerstock has done a fantastic job of providing us the supplies we need, on time and in great condition, at a better price than we've found anywhere else. Plus, their customer service makes you feel like you've got a friend on your side." (Don, who runs a makerspace)

"The plywood is beautiful! It's hard to find around here, so I’ll no doubt be ordering more from you. Thanks again!" (John from Topeka, KS).

"Makerstock is our favorite supplier for laser cutting materials.  The material is cut exactly to the size we need, delivered within a few days, and at better prices than the big name suppliers.  We’re now able to provide a wider variety of material options to our customers, at a better price than before.  Thank you so much!"  (Dave, who runs a university lab).

"The best customer service I have ever had! Thanks!" (William from Cornelius, CA).