Koskisen Thin Stock Birch Plywood - FINAL SALE

  • $13.95

Our thin plywood is KoskiPly from the premier manufacturer of sustainable plywoods, Koskisen in Finland. This material is impossibly thin and the 1/32in (0.8mm) material is great for business cards and other "cardstock" applications. Koskisen plywood is made from strong and high-quality birch logs which are procured from certified and sustainable managed forests in Finland. Our thin plywoods are AB/B grade -- joint-free, uniform, consistent and stable materials. The surface is basically flawless. They are light and easy to machine and are suitable for laser cutting or waterjet cutting.

FOR CUSTOM SIZES, contact us at support@makerstock.com.

Ultra-low resin content and safe resins ensure that the products are safe to machine and cut. They can be used with packed food, residences and work spaces. Our plywood fulfills the requirements according to EN-71-3 safety requirements for toys. NOTE: this plywood is not technically "bendy" plywood, but it is pretty flexible. The 1/16in (1.5mm) material can be bent to about 4in (100mm) radius and the 1/32 to 2in (50mm). If you need something even more flexible than that, then we have KoskiFlex which is designed specifically to be flexible.