MakerStock Partnerships with Material Manufacturers

Do you have an interesting material you'd like to make available to the maker community? MakerStock supplies materials to designers, fabricators, architects, engineers, and hobbyists. We are the go-to supplier for prototyping.

If you'd like to get smaller quantities of your materials in use by creative makers, we'd love to partner with you. It's pretty simple. We buy larger quantities from you and we sell cut-to-size materials to individuals. It will save you the cost of dealing with small orders, and allows us to serve individuals with very quick and easy shipping.

We also serve university and independent maker labs -- so can distribute your specialty panels to that customer base as well.

We are especially interested in materials that can be laser cut, CNC routed, or water-jet cut. We specialize in sheets and panels, but we're interested in anything cool that might be used in creative ways by our maker customers.



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