Koskisen Interior and Exterior Plywood

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Koskisen is more than just bendy plywood. 

Koskisen, in business for over a century, provides a variety of wood products logged and milled from Finnish forests. Their focus on sustainability and responsible forest management is one of the many reasons we love working with them.

Not to mention, of course, their ever growing product line. From bendy birch to plywood, they have just about everything you need for your project. 

At MakerStock, our Koskisen expansion now includes thicker plywood, along with exterior glue materials.

If you always use Baltic Birch Plywood, you may be wondering if you can use Koskisen instead. And the answer is yes.

Koskisen is a birch plywood, that can be laser cut (interior plywood only - more on that below), water cut, machined and finished. All of your normal woodworking tools, finishes, paints and stains can be used with Koskisen. 

There are a few differences between Koskisen and Baltic Birch, and depending on your project, one may work better than the other. 


MakerStock provides B/BB grade Baltic Birch Plywood in a variety of thicknesses, starting at the popular 3mm. B/BB grade is perfect for almost all lasering and woodworking projects. With a B grade face, there are no patches, but may have a few pin knots or small defects. The BB side allows for football patches, pin knots and imperfections. 

All of our Koskisen products are AB/B grade. This means a near flawless A side, with no visible imperfections. The reverse side is equally beautiful, but may have a few minor imperfections such as a pin knot. 

If you are working on a project that will showcase both faces of the lumber, we suggest checking out Koskisen Plywood. It is our choice for display or decorative pieces. 


Our stock Baltic Birch Plywood is interior plywood and is safe for laser cutting and engraving. In fact, 3mm/ 1/8" Baltic Birch plywood is one of the most popular choices for laser cutting material. 

Koskisen interior plywood and thin stock are also safe for laser cutting and engraving, and is a great choice for laser projects such as jewelry and small scale models. 

However, since it is available with both interior and exterior glue options, use care when ordering. Only interior grade material should be laser cut. Exterior glue plywood should be water jet cut, or used with normal wood working tools. 

As the name suggests, exterior glue plywood can be used outdoors. However, for increased longevity we recommend proper sealing, especially along the edges. Exposed and unsealed edges invite moisture and ultimately, water damage and decay.

Koskisen plywood can take stain, paint and poly finishes. For best results, we always recommend sanding and using wood conditioner. These extra steps are well worth the time. The same goes for Baltic Birch Plywood. 


The thinnest wood we have on hand comes courtesy of Koskisen. We have you covered with super thin .8 mm and in between sizes like 2.5 and 4mm. 

The best part about Koskisen thin stock is the added flexibility they lend your project. Thin stock material can be cut cross grain to achieve more flexibility and a greater bend radius. 

 If you have used both, please share your feedback. Which one do you prefer?

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