Walnut Veneer Plywood with Soft Core

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Walnut Veneer Plywood


Our walnut plywood has a high grade AA veneer on the top side and has a soft plywood core.  The top show face surface is natural hard wood walnut with a rich brown color.


Laser cutting walnut plywood works beautifully, with most lab cutters cutting up to 1/4in and many cutting up to 1/2in or more. The laser does leave a dark charred edge. Most people leave it as is, but if you prefer, you can easily sand the edges to remove the charring.

Specifications and Dimensions

We stock Walnut Plywood in 1/8" and 1/4" thickness with a soft plywood core. Of course, MakerStock provides plywood in the right sizes for the laser cutter, or to a size convenient for your project. All MakerStock panel dimensions are cut to tolerances of +0in/-0.188in. That is, the panel will always be up to 3/16in undersized so that it will definitely fit a machine with the corresponding nominal bed size.


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