Melamine with MDF Core (Light Gray/Dark Gray)

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Light Gray/Dark Gray Melamine with MDF Core - Two Sides


What is melamine?

Melamine, also known as thermally fused laminate, is manufactured in a one step process when top and bottom impregnated decorative layers are pressed and permanently thermofused to MDF. Large steel press plates are used during this process to create the surface texture. The finished panels are ready for use.

Melamine is scratch, heat and water resistant. 

Our Gray Melamine has a wood-based MDF core manufactured using 100% recycled and recovered wood materials. The melamine resins used to bond the black decorative paper and panel together produce a durable, hard, smooth and color stable product. 

One side is light gray and the other side is a a bit darker gray. 

Specifications and Dimensions

  • 1/4" / 6mm Nominal Thickness
  • Water resistant (edges should be sealed)
  • Durable and scratch resistant
  • Heat resistant 
  • Smooth finish 
  • Easy to cut with wood working tools (we recommend scoring first)_
  • Clean with a synthetic soft cloth with soapy water, or any non-abrasive cleaner


  • Cabinets
  • Panel Furniture
  • CNC Routing
  • Shelving
  • Displays
  • Signs
  • Laser Cutting and Engraving
  • CNC Machining

Suggested Laser Settings 

These are only suggested settings. Please refer to your laser cutter manual for the optimal settings for your system. 

60 WATT SYSTEMS - 3mm / 1/8"
Raster/Engraving Power: 25
Raster/Engraving Speed: 100
Vector/Cutting Power: 40
Vector/Cutting Speed: 100
60 WATT SYSTEMS - 6mm / 1/4"
Raster/Engraving Power: 25
Raster/Engraving Speed: 100
Vector/Cutting Power: 20
Vector/Cutting Speed: 100

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