Recycled Acrylic (Iridescent White/Blue)

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Iridescent Recycled Cast Acrylic (R-MMA) 


Green Cast Iridis® Acrylic Sheet is smooth and glossy on both sides with a White/Blue pearly iridescent effect.

What is Iridis®?

Green Cast Iridis® is Madreperla's 100% recycled and recyclable cast acrylic sheets range, produced with 100% R-MMA: recycled methylmethacrylate monomer. The Iridis® line is smooth and glossy on both sides, with an iridescent effect. When illuminated these acrylic sheets take on a range of different shades based on the angle of observation. 

Green Cast, on the market since 2012, is an internationally recognized brand, third generation family business, based in Milan with a focused on sustainability. Green Cast is the ideal material for those who intend to improve their sustainability path.


  • 100% recycled and recyclable 
  • Resistance to chemical aggression by saturated hydrocarbons, acids and diluted alkali, mineral oils and greases, both natural and vegetable.
  • 8-10x more impact resistance than glass
  • Easy to work with - Mill and laser cut
  • 3 mm nominal thickness 
  • Product #40060


  • Film covering suitable for laser cutting.
  • Film side with printed logos identifies the side to be used as the view side (guaranteed side). 
  • Clean using mild soap solution or specific plastic cleaner, combined with a lint free cloth.
  • Avoid cleaners containing alcohol or ammonia.


  • All sheets produced according to ISO 7823.1 
  • Thickness tolerance +/- 0.7mm
  • All panel sizes are nominal. Cut tolerance +/- 0.125

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