Eucalyptus Hardboard Panel

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Eucalyptus Hardboard Panel


This is a premium hardboard with high internal bond, exceptional stability and smoothness. 

  • Eucalyptus hardboard panels have a smooth, dark brown top surface that is free of common wood defects. The bottom surface is textured; ready for glue or other adhesives. 
  • The smooth top surface is easy to coat and provides great results for painting or paper laminating.
  • Easily perforated, cut, drilled, cut to size, grooved and more.
  • Common applications and uses include, but are not limited to manufacturing furniture, lining drawers and cupboards, the backsides of furniture and frames.
  • Clean with a soft dry cloth and avoid using abrasives sponges or soaps.
  • 1/8" / 3mm nominal thickness

Laser cutting hardboard works beautifully, with most lab cutters cutting up to 1/4in. The laser does leave a dark charred edge. Most people leave it as is, but if you prefer, you can easily sand the edges to remove the charring.

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