PET Plastic Film (Ideal for Protective Face Shields) - 20 x 25" - pack of 12

  • $29.95

Polyethylene terephthalate or polyester (PET) is a crystal clear plastic film that is sturdy and versatile. PET film has higher tensile strength, excellent dimensional stability, low moisture absorption, and good retention of physical properties over a fairly wide temperature range. It also has superior UV resistance, excellent electrical properties, good optical clarity, high gloss, and good gas barrier. It is the ideal film for quality printing and lamination and a good choice for a high performance plastic films and sheets. It has a relative high melting point, which makes it suitable for applications that require sterilization at high temperatures.

We carry .007" (7 mil) thickness.  It's a little thicker than the weight of a piece of copy paper. Please see our laser cutting service if you would like to laser cut protective masks (we also sell pre-cut visors).

Please contact us for any custom sizing. This is only the plastic, not the full face shield.

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