Acrylic (Mirrored Acrylic)

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Extruded Mirror Acrylic Sheet


What is mirror acrylic? 

Fabback Mirror Acrylic Sheets from Optix are a strong, lightweight thermoplastic material developed as a replacement for glass mirror, especially for use in settings where there is higher material stress, risk of breakage or safety concerns. 

Fabback mirror acrylic sheets feature a gray paint backing and a film covered front. The film masking should be left on during handling and fabrication. After fabrication, the film can be peeled off. The durable gray backing is the toughest, most scratch resistant backing in the industry, but should still be handled with care. 


Mirror acrylic is ideal for use as a decorative reflective surface, merchandising display and an esthetic, and less expensive, lighter replacement for glass mirror. 

Please note, as mirror acrylic has a relatively soft surface and is flexible, some imperfections or distortion can occur. As such, it should not be used where precise image reflection is required. 

Specifications and Dimensions

As seen in the photos, this acrylic is mirrored, silver, and opaque. Mirrored acrylic is special because it adds a special reflective look to your acrylic sheet. Mirrored silver, opaque acrylic sheets for laser cutting have many uses, and you can buy this mirrored plexiglass online in whatever sizes and thicknesses you need. We do custom sizing and custom cutting as well!

The actual thickness of the "1/8" is 0.118in and of the "1/4" is 0.241in.  All MakerStock panel dimensions are cut to tolerances of +0in/-0.188in. That is, the panel will always be up to 3/16in undersized so that it will definitely fit a machine with the corresponding nominal bed size.

Our acrylic comes with a paper or plastic film applied to both sides of the material. This protects it from scratching. Once you’ve finished fabricating your parts, you simply peel off the film.

The density of acrylic is about 1180 kg/m3 or 0.043 lb/in3, so acrylic is quite a bit heavier than wood, but only about 40% of the density of aluminum and less than one half the weight of glass. 

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting mirror acrylic works beautifully, providing clean, polished cut edges. To engrave an image that reflects, be sure to place your material gray backing up and mirror image your print file. 

Stock Sizes and Custom Cuts Available

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