Eucalyptus Hardboard Tempered Panel

  • $2.95

Eucalyptus Hardboard Tempered Panel


This is a premium hardboard with high internal bond, exceptional stability and smoothness. It is harvested from well managed forests. Tempered hardboard has a dark brown color (see close-up image) -- almost identical to traditional Masonite.

  • This premium hardboard surface is smooth and free of common wood defects
  • This product provides excellent results for painting or paper laminating
  • It has a higher strength is ideal for use in applications such as outdoor signs, furniture, toys, and others where good strength, machinability and surface hardness are required
  • The back surface is ready for gluing with commercially available adhesives for wood
  • Note: Product may vary by store
  • No formaldehyde added
Laser cutting hardboard works beautifully, with most lab cutters cutting up to 1/4in. The laser does leave a dark charred edge. Most people leave it as is, but if you prefer, you can easily sand the edges to remove the charring.

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