VisorScreen Face Shield (2-pack) - CAP NOT INCLUDED

  • $7.85

Most experts believe that the primary mode of SARS-CoV-2 virus transmission is from contact of contaminated hands with the eyes, nose, or mouth. The VisorScreen is intended primarily as a way to prevent the wearer from touching his or her face or from being contaminated by airborne particles. 

The VisorScreen face shield attaches to the visor of an ordinary baseball cap with two ordinary staples. THE CAP IS NOT INCLUDED.

The VisorScreen face shield is quite light and ships in a first-class envelope. As a result, we sell them in 2-packs in order to keep the per-unit cost very low.

We cut the screens by laser cutter, which requires some labor cost on our part. However, you may be able to cut one out yourself. The template for the screen is available here as a PDF file at no charge. If you have some clear material (e.g., report cover, overhead transparency, or possibly even a 2-liter soft drink bottle) you may be able to make your own screen using the template.

We also offer clear plastic film (0.007in / 7mil) for those who wish to order the film and make their own screens. We also offer laser cutting services and can cut out your own design to order.


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