PETG - Clear

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This is pre-cut clear PETG. Clear PETG sheets are ideal for thermoforming, prototyping and cost-effective fabrication and sign material.

What is PETG? 

PETG, or PET-G, short for Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol, is a clear, glossy, thermoplastic material with great impact strength, durability and chemical resistance. The best known name for PETG sheets is VIVAK®.


  • POP or POS displays and signage
  • Food containers and medical devices.
  • Die cutting
  • Models and Prototypes
  • Printing and Painting Base


  • Can be thermoformed, strip heated and bent, or brake formed
  • Can be die cut, drilled, milled and routed
  • Can be hot stamped, silk screened, printed or painted
  • High impact strength; more impact resistant than acrylic
  • Low temperature forming  (250°- 300°F)
  • Continuous use temperature of 145°F
  • Limited UV resistance
  • Recyclable 
  • Rated for indoor use

Laser Cutting PETG

  • Laser cutting is possible with PETG, but often requires some experimentation with laser frequency and speed settings. Try using a higher frequency and lower speed.
  • Laser engraving is not recommended on thinner PETG sheets as it is likely to warp the material
  • If raster engraving PETG, remove film mask, but be advised it can leave white heat marks on the material, which can be cleaned using mild soap and water
  • Vector engraving, scoring or cutting should be done with protective mask intact to protect the surface from heat marks. 

Specifications and Dimensions

  • Available from .020 through .040 in thickness.
  • .020 thickness is 0.134 lb/sf
  • .030 thickness is 0.201 lb/sf
  • .040 thickness is 0.267 lb/sf

Stock Sizes and Custom Cuts Available

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