Maple PSA Veneer with 3M Adhesive

  • $15.95

Maple PSA Veneer with 3M Adhesive Backing


Our Maple PSA Veneer top surface is a natural hard wood maple with a beautiful blond flat cut finish. The reverse is a 10 mil adhesive 3M backing.

What is PSA Veneer?

PSA Veneers are the next evolution of paper-backed veneers. With traditional paper-backed veneers, there is an additional step of applying an adhesive to the veneer and a substrate. With Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) you can peel and stick the veneer to most surfaces, using just a veneer scraper. To make cuts or trim edges, you can use a knife or even scissors.


Maple PSA Veneer with 3M Adhesive Backing is simple and easy to use. Maple PSA Veneer is a great choice when you are looking to spruce up kitchen and laundry room cabinets and surfaces, reface furniture, speakers surrounds, or even automobile dashboards, as well as for shelves and displays. For makers that like to start from the ground up, pair with Bendy MDF or Baltic Birch Plywood for a custom finished piece.


Please use a veneer scraper for the best results.

Prepare surface to be veneered by ensuring it is clean dry, smooth, and clear of dust, grit, grease, wax, etc.

Allow surface to cure for 48 hours prior to finishing.

Specifications and Dimensions

We stock Maple PSA Veneer in .025 thickness (+/- .005). The cherry veneer top measures .020 with a 10 mil (.005) adhesive paper backing.

Maple PSA Veneer is available in stock sizes. Of course, we are also able to custom cut to your specifications. All MakerStock panel dimensions are cut to tolerances of +0in/-0.188in.

Approximate 1" bend radius.

 FOR CUSTOM SIZES, contact us at