KoskiPly Economy Birch Interior B/B Plywood from Koskisen (3, 4 and 6 mm)

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KoskiPly Economy Birch Interior Plywood is made of turned, thin finnish birch veneers for technically demanding applications where a strong but thin plywood board is required.

All our KoskiPly Economy thin veneer plywood is made of turned, uniform and seamless birch veneers. The surface veneers of the plywood board are 0.5 mm thick and the intermediate veneers 1.0 mm. The seamless surface makes the light thin plywood board uniform, uniform and beautiful.

KoskiPly Economy thin veneer plywood is available from 3.0 mm thick up to 60 mm thick. Plywood has excellent strength properties for technically demanding applications. KoskiPly Economy thin veneer plywood is used in areas where plywood is required for strength, rigidity and cost-effectiveness. 

The wood raw material we use is sourced from responsibly grown forests. Our thin veneer plywood made of birch is an environmentally friendly and easily recyclable option.


KoskiPly Economy plywood is easy to work with and can be use with all normal woodworking tools and machines, as well as lasers. The plywood can be waxed, stained, lacquered, or left as is. 

Ultra-low resin content and safe resins ensure that the products are safe to lasercut and machine. KoskiPly can be used with packed food, residences and work spaces. Our plywood fulfills the requirements according to EN-71-3 safety requirements for toys. 

Use KoskiPly economy for all of your wooden ornaments, tablegames, musical instruments, gift boxes, toys, models, furniture components, and much more. 


Base Plywood:  Finnish birch veneer

Grade: B/B

Color:  White

Bonding:  Interior Glue

Density:  700kg/m3

Plys:  3mm = 4 ply, 4mm = 5 ply, 6mm = 7 ply

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