Baltic Birch Plywoods - FULL SHEET WITH 3 CUTS

  • $44.85

Ever tried buying a sheet of baltic birch plywood from Lowes or Home Depot? Not going to happen. It’s also tough buying on line, because the panel size exceeds the standard ground shipping dimensions for UPS and FedEx. We feel your pain and have come up with a solution. If you choose just three dimensions (W, L1, and L2), we will make the three cuts and ship by regular ground shipping. See the illustration.

This is our standard B/BB baltic birch -- same as for our pre-cut panels, but with the full sheet cut-to-size option.

Here's what you need to remember:

  • Just three cuts. The goal here is to get the panel small enough that it can be shipped at low cost.
  • Each dimension W, L1, and L2 must be between 14 inches and 46 inches. That's so the resulting pieces fit within the ground shipping requirements.
  • These aren't final finish cuts. The outside edges of the panel will be regular mill edges -- so not perfect, but generally not bad. You'll want to plan your sizes so that you have some space to do final finish cuts yourself.
  • To keep things simple, just email the three dimensions (W, L1, and L2 in inches) to We'll take it from there and get your plywood out to you.
  • We usually ship within a day or two of receiving your email.
  • Ground shipping to most northeastern US locations is 1-2 days and reasonably affordable.

A few other tricks are worth noting. Full 1 inch (e.g., 25mm) baltic birch plywood is hard to come by. You can work around this pretty easily by gluing together two 1/2inch (12mm) panels. It comes out nice. Typically you’ll want to glue this up with regular wood glue (e.g., Titebond or whatever you like) in smaller pieces (e.g., just larger than what you need) and then trim the panel so you get a perfect edge.

If you just need a smaller piece (e.g., 24x36), you can order just a pre-cut panel from our regular Baltic Birch listing under “wood.”