FabriCut Board

FabriCut Board

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FabriCut Board


FabriCut Board, also know as PolyBak, is a polymer impregnated Kraft liner board, and is unique in the backer and overlay market due to its moisture resistance, strength, flexibility and extensive variety of products offered. Unlike competing paper backers, PolyBak is not brittle, allowing it to be rolled and bent without breaking. It is most often used in the following applications:

  • Balancing substrates faced with laminates or veneers

  • As a crossband in plywood construction, PolyBak provides a smooth surface for painting or overlays such as veneer and vinyl

  • Medium Density Overlay (MDO) for exterior signage and related applications

  • High Density Overlay (HDO) for concrete form application

  • Provides a paintable overlay for a wide variety of substrates

  • Laser Cutting Polybak for creating stencils, templates, models and porotypes.

  • PolyBak is bondable to various substrates, particleboard, MDF, etc., using most standard cold and hot setting adhesives such as PVA or contact cement.

Specifications and Dimensions

  • Nominal thickness: .020"
  • Medium Brown Color
  • No Added Formaldehyde
  • FSC Controlled Wood
  • Flexible
  • Paintable
  • Sandable
  • Density 51lbs/ft3
  • Finished One Side
  • Made in the USA

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