Eska®board Recycled Gray Draft Board/Cardboard

  • $1.25

Eska® board is a 100% recycled cardboard known for its 3 layers and guarantee to lay flat - no curled edges, bumps, lumps or bowing.  It is made from FSC or PEFC certified fibers.

It has high rigidity and is easy to cut, die cut, crease, score, gouge, mill, punch, drill and emboss/deboss.  It is perfect for constructing layers, providing strength to a project, prototyping, or on its own as a an eco-friendly natural modeling material.

Popular choice for puzzle and game board backers.

There is near-zero waste in the production of Eska® board - a journey that Netherlands-based Eska has been on for 140 years.


  • .118" thickness
  • 3 layer laminated solid board
  • FSC Recycled 100%
  • Laser safe for engraving and cutting


  • Puzzles
  • Game Boards
  • Packaging
  • Displays
  • Lamination
  • Albums
  • Prototyping and Modeling


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