White Oak Veneer - Wood on Wood

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White Oak Veneer - Wood on Wood


Plain sliced white oak wood on wood veneer. Flat cut wood veneers are produced by thin slicing wood logs parallel to the center. 

White Oak veneer has a beautiful golden-brown hue, with a slightly coarse texture, and beautiful tight grain.

What is Wood on Wood Veneer?

Also known as raw veneer, wood on wood veneer, does not have a backing and is not laid up on another substrate. Our wood on wood veneer is two ply, with a premium A grade face with a cross grain back ply of the same wood species or similar. 

Using contact cement, wood workers glue or vacuum sealing, white oak wood on wood veneer can be applied to straight or curved surfaces. 

Thin, strong, flexible and easy to work with it.

Applications and Tips

  • Clean bonding surface or substrate before application. Remove all dirt, grease, etc.
  • MDF, Plywood, or another wood can be used as a substrate. Choose one with that will accept an adhesive, and is flat and smooth.
  • If applying to wood or another finished surface you may need to sand first to ensure the adhesive will adhere
  • If using contact cement or glue, use care to avoid getting any on the veneer show face. Any spillage or seepage should be removed immediately to avoid any issues with final finishing or stain
  • Finish with a clear coat or