Prefinished Baltic Birch Plywood – FULL SHEET WITH 3 CUTS (1/2" and 3/4")

  • $71.95

This is prefinished Baltic Birch Plywood with UV coating on one or both sides. Reduce project time with our UV Baltic Birch Plywood! 

Need a full sheet of material, but your sizes are a bit different than our stock sizes? No problem. We have UV Prefinished Baltic Birch available in 5'x5' sheets that we can cut to size for you. Please note, we are unable to ship full sheets. Our service provides a 3 cut option to break down a full sheet into sizes that work for you that are economical to ship!

Of course, if you do need a smaller piece (e.g., 24x36), we do have stock size panels available in 1/2" UV Baltic and 3/4" UV Baltic.  

If you need specific sizes not listed on our site, it may be more economical to ask us for a quote so you don't pay for the full sheet:


For a custom quote on other sizes, please email us at Custom cut sizes take 5-7 business days.

Prefinished Baltic Birch Plywood

Prefinished Baltic Birch Plywood reduces finishing time for your project, with UV coating on one or both sides. 

12mm (1/2") Baltic Birch Plywood is 2-Side Prefinished BB/BB grade. 

18mm (3/4") Baltic Birch Plywood is 1-Side Prefinished B/BB grade.


Enter W, L1, L2:

  • W is the location of the first horizontal cut across the sheet (Min=20, Max=40). W is measured from the bottom of the sheet up to the cut line.
  • L1 is the location of the vertical cut on the bottom piece, up to the first cut (Min=24, Max=36). L1 is measured from the left edge towards the middle.
  • L2 is the location of the vertical on the top piece, down to the first cut (Min=24, Max=36). L2 is measured from the left edge towards the middle.

 Here's an example of how specifying dimensions works:


Here are some more details:

  1. Just three cuts. The goal here is to get the panel small enough that it can be shipped at low cost.
  2. Here's the tricky part. (Do your best, but if you get it wrong, we'll let you know by email and we'll probably be able to work something out.) FedEx ground requires that the Length + "Girth" of a carton be less than 124 inches, or else there is a huge oversize charge. Our goal is to stay smaller than this.
  3. Your cuts (W, L1, and L2) need to be such that the biggest piece of plywood has a long side (LS) and shorter side (SS) such that LS + (2 x SS) is equal to or less than 120 inches. If that's true, then we can probably make a carton that fits under the oversize charge. 


We often receive questions regarding shipping costs and estimates for our 3-cut full sheets, and to give you an idea on rates by region, we've provided a sample of typical costs to regional major cities in these states below. 

To New York - $11.70

To California - $34.72

To Florida - $21.03

To Texas - $27.69

To Illinois - $21.03

Please keep in mind that dimensions selected and shipping zip code may change these rates. We have provided these to give you a sense of shipping costs. If you would like to find out your rate, you can make your selections for W, L1 and L2, add it to your cart and start the checkout process. You will be able to see your exact shipping cost before finalizing your order. 


If you have a custom request or questions, please email us at with any notes you feel are needed to make clear what you want. We'll take it from there and get your plywood out to you. If the carton will be too large, we'll get back to you right away and work with you to adjust the cuts.