NEATFORM Bendy MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) - Final Sale

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NEATFORM Bendy MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) 



**Please note groove directions for sale sizes below**

12" x 16" - Grooves run parallel to the 12" side

12" x 24" - Grooves run parallel to the 24" side

16" x 20" - Grooves run parallel to 20" side

NEATFORM Bendy MDF (medium-density fiberboard) is a processed sheet of MDF, designed specifically to allow for curved shapes and surfaces. MDF is made from pre-consumer recycled wood, usually sawdust from a sawmill or wood chips from lumber operations. The wood particles are mixed into a dough with a polymer binder (e.g., “glue” or “resin”) and consolidated under heat and pressure to form a panel.

Bendy MDF has a smooth, ungrooved, pre-sanded surface that can be finished. It takes paint, veneer or laminate. 

The alternate side is grooved, allowing for a 6" minimum bend radius

Applications for Bendy MDF

Use Neatform Bendy MDF anytime you want to create a curved surface, such as a contoured shelf, desk, column, cabinets and more!

For greater durability, consider two pieces sandwiched together, grooved surfaces in, using wood glue to bond the panels. This is ideal anytime you need a two sided curved surface. 

As MDF has limited ability to take screws or hinges, plan to use bendy plywood for additional support and strength. Check out Koskisen Birch for bendy plywood options.  

Specifications and Dimensions

We stock Neatform Bendy MDF in 1/4" nominal thicknesses. All MakerStock panel dimensions are cut to tolerances of +0in/-0.188in. That is, the panel will always be up to 3/16in undersized.

The density of MDF is about 700 kg/m3 or 43.7lbs/ft3.

The thickness tolerance is approximately +/-0.006" (+/-0.15mm).

Historically the glue used in MDF (and in plywood for that matter) contained formaldehyde, which could result in off-gassing and potential human health risks. Since Spring 2019, all plywood and MDF sold in the US must comply with quite stringent California and US regulatory standards. The level of formaldehyde is very, very low. (For the details, see