Natural Brushed Aluminum - Metal Laminate by Chemetal

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Aluminum Metal Laminate by Chemetal


Chemetal High Pressure Laminate in Natural Brushed Aluminum. 

What is Chemetal?

Chemetal is the solution for providing makers an alternative to real metal. Chemetal has an extensive metal and metal laminate design range with over 250 options in aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel. 

Perfect for vertical and light-duty horizontal installations in both commercial and residential applications, as well as for inlays, displays, and signs.

Chemetal offers a variety of options, with and without a backer.

Natural Brushed Aluminum is a metal foil on an HPL backer. HPL metals feature a metal foil on a laminate backer which is fused together by pressure. 

Chemetal laminates should be adhered to smooth, sturdy surface, such as MDF or Baltic Birch Plywood using contact cement. For smaller projects, acrylic can be used as a substrate. 


  • .032 thickness
  • .316 lb/sq ft
  • Lightweight alternative to laminates
  • Can be cut with normal wood working tools
  • When cutting (table saws, panel saws, etc.) the stainless steel layer must always face up. The speed of the travel should be approximately 16-20 feet per minute. The blade diameter should be 7 inches to 16 inches with a 6 degree negative hook, 13mm pitch, triple chip grind carbide blade.
  • CNC routing works best with 3 fluted solid carbide bits
  • Not guaranteed for exterior use
  • Not guaranteed for horizontal use 
  • Product #791


  • High pressure metal laminate
  • HPL backed products can be bent to a slight radius
  • HPL laminate backers provide increased impact resistance
  • Can be applied to a substrate with contact cement
  • Can be CNC cut
  • Made in Germany

Care and Storage

  • Film mask covering. To protect surface, do not remove film mask until after fabrication/finishing work is complete. 
  • Clean using mild soap solution or specific nonabrasive glass or metal cleaner, combined with a lint free soft cloth.
  • Avoid cleaners containing ammonia or harsh solvents. Avoid abrasive cleaning pads.
  • Store flat with a top sheet to keep material from twisting/warping.
  • Store in a cool, dry location.
  • Metal laminates will conduct electricity and can cause shocks or short circuits when in contact with ungrounded electrical circuits.
  • Acclimate metal laminate, substrate, and adhesives for 48 hours prior to adhesion, stored at room temperature (75°F) with a relative humidity of 45 to 50% 


  • All panel sizes are nominal. Cut tolerance +/- 0.125