White Melamine-Faced Baltic Birch Plywood (60" x 60" FULL SHEET WITH 3 CUTS)

  • $38.95

Ever tried buying a sheet of melamine-faced baltic birch? It's really nice stuff for cabinets and other projects. The problem is that the panel is 60in x 60in so you can't really ship it affordably (...borrow a truck). And good luck actually finding a distributor who will sell a single sheet at a decent price to an individual.

We feel your pain and have come up with a solution. If you choose just three dimensions (W, L1, and L2), we will make the three cuts and ship by regular ground shipping. See the illustration.

Here's what you need to remember:

  • Just three cuts. The goal here is to get the panel small enough that it can be shipped at low cost.
  • Each dimension W, L1, and L2 must be between 14 inches and 46 inches. That's so the resulting pieces fit within the ground shipping requirements.
  • These aren't final finish cuts. The outside edges of the panel will be regular mill edges -- so not perfect, but generally not bad. You'll want to plan your sizes so that you have some space to do final finish cuts yourself.
  • To keep things simple, just email the three dimensions (W, L1, and L2 in inches) to sales@makerstock.com. We'll take it from there and get your plywood out to you.
  • We usually ship within a day or two of receiving your email.
  • Ground shipping to most northeastern US locations is 1-2 days and reasonably affordable.