Phenolic Baltic Birch Plywood (Espresso) - Full Sheet Cut To Size

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Phenolic Baltic Birch Plywood- Black - Full Sheet Cut to Size

Ever tried buying a sheet of phenolic plywood from Lowes or Home Depot? It's not possible. They don't stock it. And if they did, it would be a pain getting it home without a truck or easy access to a trailer. It’s also tough buying on line, because most distributors have minimums.

We feel your pain and have come up with a solution. A standard phenolic baltic birch panel is 48x96 inches, which WE DO NOT SELL OR SHIP AS IS, but we will make the cuts you need and ship by regular ground shipping. We will make up to five cuts at the listed price. Additional cuts are possible for a small cut room fee. 

This is our standard espresso phenolic plywood-- same as for our pre-cut panels, but with the full sheet cut-to-size option. This product takes 4-5 business days to ship. If you just need a smaller piece (e.g., 24x36), you can order just a pre-cut panel from our regular Phenolic Baltic Birch listing under “wood.”  If you need specific sizes not listed on our site, it may be more economical to ask us for a quote so you don't pay for the full sheet:

Please email us at with your cut list request. Please note, any cuts exceeding 48" will result in an oversize shipping surcharge. 


What is phenolic? Phenolic plywood has a phenol film which sandwiches baltic birch plywood. The phenol film is bonded to the plywood with a waterproof phenol resin adhesive. 

Overlays come in multiple colors, but our overlaying phenol film color is espresso. The surface of the phenolic plywood is smooth and glossy. Between the film overlays is the stacked, layered look characteristic of baltic birch plywood. 

The most distinctive feature of Baltic birch is that the edges are attractive, uniform stripes of hardwood veneer, usually alternating light and dark bands. That edge is largely free of voids. 

Phenolic Plywood is also known as Film Faced Plywood, Phenolic Faced Plywood, or Phenolic Covered Plywood.

Specifications and Dimensions

Phenolic Plywood is available in 3/4" (18mm) thickness, including the phenol overlay. 

What makes phenolic so great? It's one of the most stable, durable and hard surfaces available to work with. The phenolic overlay helps resist cracking, abrasions, and splitting. This is useful when using this plywood for furniture and cabinetry. You can attach fasteners, screws and other mounting hardware without the normal worries of splitting the surface.

With it's smooth, glossy, moisture resistant and easy to clean surface, Phenolic Plywood is also a great choice for countertops!

 FOR CUSTOM SIZES, contact us at

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